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In her work at the Firm, Elizabeth had an innate and exceptional ability to work effectively with our
professionals in considering and evaluating their career paths and opportunities.

Craig Wittlin, Managing Partner, Harter Secrest & Emery LLP
It had been a long time since I’d interviewed for a job. I felt like I had a lot to talk about from my
career but wasn’t sure where to start. Elizabeth helped me to prepare for the interview by working
with me to focus my message and lead with my strengths. She is clearly strong at communicating. She
did a great job anticipating some of the questions I might get asked so I would be ready. As I was
answering questions during the interview, her suggestions about how I could frame my responses
came to mind just when I needed them. The time I spent with her really paid off. I went into the
interview confident and prepared…and I got the job!

Beth O’Leary, Chief Portfolio Officer, National Housing Lender

Working with Elizabeth opened my eyes to my core values which allowed me to identify what motivates me in the workplace. Our rapport was natural and open from the very first session. Elizabeth asked all of the right (and hard!) questions in a way that made me feel safe and willing to truly analyze my strengths and weaknesses. She offered up concrete advice, which left me feeling empowered and capable. As I became more familiar with my strengths and values, I could acknowledge the changes I needed to make in order to move forward in my career. I cannot thank Elizabeth enough for giving me the tools and the overall confidence to shape my work in a way that fulfills my needs and will sustainably motivate me long-term. 

Hope Shiverick, Vice President, Wine Importer

Elizabeth offered me actionable advice and mock interview experience at two key points in time: my first professional internship and my search for my first job following college graduation. I had never interviewed for a job or internship previously, and Elizabeth worked with me, step-by-step, to develop my story and promote my strengths. The time she took with me to conduct mock interviews and explore potential interview questions gave me so much confidence. Her suggestions on how to communicate effectively left me no doubt that I was prepared, no matter what was thrown my way. I received an offer for and completed a great internship with a Fortune 200 company and continued to go back to her specific advice when I was searching and interviewing for my first post-college position. I landed a job with one of the largest consulting firms in the world and I cannot wait to start my career in New York City! I could not have done this without Elizabeth’s advice, positivity, and support. I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone searching for a job or building a career.

Caroline Ross, Colgate University 2021

I met Elizabeth at a key point in my life. I was in a career transition period, and she
was a massive help in identifying my strengths, as well as honing in on what types of career
opportunities would be a good fit for me moving forward. She brings a wealth of experience and
knowledge to each and every conversation. Additionally, she is a great listener and possesses
outstanding communication skills. I am incredibly grateful for the guidance and support she was able
to provide during our work together, and I would highly recommend her if you are seeking someone
to help guide you during your next career search!

Johnny Garstka, Operations Manager/Chief of Staff, Software Engineering Firm

Clemson University MBA, 2018

I was introduced to Elizabeth during a period of professional transition. I engaged her for several sessions of Executive Coaching and plan to continue working with her. She is an excellent coach and motivator. She keyed in on my strengths and helped me focus on areas of development. She also helped me articulate goals and strategies to achieve them. She's a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend her.

Chief Financial Officer, Health Information Organization


I wanted to update you that I just accepted the offer! Thank you so much for all of your help during this process. I learned so much from you and I couldn't have done it without your encouragement and support. I so enjoyed working together!

Sabina Young, Operations Project Manager

After years of networking myself into my next job, I knew I wanted to make a bigger leap to take my career to the next level, but wasn't sure how to best go about it. I felt directionless and scattered. Elizabeth helped me identify and hone in on my strengths, give well- thought out and meaningful examples, taught me her "drop-down menu" strategy, and after taking the time to practice (practice, practice!), I now feel more confident than ever going into an interview. Elizabeth not only boosted my interviewing skills, she also reminded me of my strengths, experience, and worth, which was greatly appreciated and needed after working in a male-dominated office. She really helped build back my confidence and self-esteem at a time when I needed it most. I nailed my last several interviews, am excited to have some irons in the fire, and I cannot thank Elizabeth enough for her vision, support, and excellent coaching! 

Erin Cappocia, Commercial Property Manager

I had recently changed jobs, and I felt that something was missing. I was unable to pinpoint what
that was. Elizabeth and I worked together to determine the type of role and organization that I might
be best suited for, and she helped me to evaluate opportunities to ensure that my needs were met. I
ultimately landed a position that was the right fit for me, and I am grateful to Elizabeth for helping
me to get clarity regarding my career goals and objectives.

Lindsay Gozzi-Theobald, Chief Operating Officer, Human Services

Much like Elizabeth questioned her career choice, I too questioned what my path forward would look
like. After serving in the Peace Corps I enlisted Elizabeth help to determine what that path would
look like. Not only did she assist me with the hard skills of resume building and cover letter writing,
but she helped me dive deep into who I was as a person. I now understand the feelings and
challenges I was experiencing in my decision making. She taught me how to follow my passion and
moral compass to guide me toward a job that would allow me to have a positive social impact on
those that I felt deserved more in their own lives. I cannot understate how highly I would recommend
Elizabeth to anyone looking for guidance in their professional life.

Field Organizer, Political Campaign


Working with Elizabeth has been an absolute pleasure. She helped me to prepare specific talking points and answers for interviews that captured the true essence of my story. Elizabeth not only has helped me secure a position in my field of choice, but she also has helped me significantly in my own professional growth. I strongly recommend those looking for career guidance to reach out to Elizabeth. Her comprehensive knowledge of the application process and the materials required to stand out in a competitive job market were of immense help to me. I can’t imagine someone better to work with!

Roberto Levin, Leadership Coordinator 

This is the first week at my new job! I so appreciate your help and guidance throughout the application and interview process. The past few days have been great, and I am excited about where this path will lead me!

Pharmacist, Doctor of Pharmacy

I got a job offer!! I interviewed with a company in Denver and they said they would be happy to hire me starting this summer. I was surprised by how fast they wanted to interview me - and then offer me a position - but they said that my resume and LinkedIn profile impressed them a ton - so I can't thank you enough! To say I'm excited is an understatement!

Design Engineer, Master's Degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

​Thank you for your personal evaluation, support and guidance in helping me along the path to my
next career adventure! The sessions were very helpful and insightful.

Deborah Bricker, Marketing Professional

Elizabeth’s in-depth understanding of the legal field is second-to-none. She worked with me to
identify elements that I needed in my professional life to feel more satisfied, and then helped me craft
a plan to incorporate those elements into my practice. Elizabeth’s expertise helped me work within
our law firm structure to find a creative outlet.

Senior Associate, Law Firm


After years of experience in the legal field, I had gone back to graduate school and completed my degrees right as the pandemic hit, making it a very tough job market. I had been job hunting for months and months before I turned to Elizabeth. Within days she was able to turn my resume into a better form of itself, setting me up to easily alter it for each job I was applying for. She really helped me to showcase how my prior experience would be relevant to the jobs I was applying for and made me stand out as a strong, capable candidate. Once I started using my new resume I was overwhelmed with the traction I had, ultimately landing a fantastic job. I could not be happier with what Elizabeth helped me to achieve. Through all of this she also reminded me of how capable I am, as a long fruitless job hunt can really zap you of your worth. I highly recommend Elizabeth and my only regret is not reaching out sooner!
Aubree Jones, MPH, MSW

Elizabeth’s interpretation of my job predicament was spot-on. She gave me the clarity I needed,
which helped me make a sound decision regarding a position I was offered. Thank you!

Hospital Administrator


To be able to find not only a job, but my dream job, during a global pandemic was equal parts
exhilarating and terrifying. On one hand the opportunity to do positive, impactful work for the
largest business services firm in the country was right in front of me, if only I could just grab it.
On the other hand, I knew that I wouldn’t be the only candidate for this position and I had to
figure out a way to stand out in a very, very crowded room. Elizabeth helped me do exactly
that. She assisted me with prepping for interview styles I was unaccustomed too, designing a
framework to keep me on track during an extensive interview process, and enhancing my
communications abilities so I could better represent who I was and how my skills and person
could positively impact the Firm. Elizabeth helped me showcase the best version of myself
throughout the interview process and it’s thanks to her I’m living in my dream city while
doing work that excites and engages me on a daily basis.

GPS Consultant, Deloitte

As I considered my law school options, Elizabeth helped me to consider what was important to me
and guided me through the selection process. As a second year law student, she provided feedback
on my resume, conducted practice interviews with me, and coached me to position myself as a top
candidate. I strongly believe she was instrumental in helping me to secure my summer internship
with Judge Bledsoe in the North Carolina Business Court. Her services are extraordinary!

Elizabeth Pellegrini, William & Mary Law School Student

Elizabeth has a natural ability to listen and understand what is happening below the surface, on that
deeper level. She helped me to explore perspectives that I had previously been blind to, enabling me
to find a new path through the challenge I was facing. Thank you, Elizabeth!

Peter Wright, Life Coach; Brisbane, Australia


I just wanted to let you know that things are going really well at my new job. I am so happy we connected and that I left my old job without leaving the law. This has definitely been the right transition for me! Thank you again, Elizabeth. You set me up for a great 2024!

Mid-level Associate, Law Firm 

Elizabeth was instrumental in helping me land my first job as a recent graduate. Throughout my job
search Elizabeth critiqued my resume to stand out, held mock interviews, and gave me the confidence
within myself to excel. Without her guidance and coaching the job search process would have been
much more difficult. I cannot credit Elizabeth enough with all the lessons and techniques she
provided me with, and I will continue to come to her for any future career advice. I highly
recommend her to anyone looking to further their professional career!

John Vanden Brul, University of Dayton 2018, Master of Finance 2019

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