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about b.side

If you have ever listened to vinyls, you know that there is an A-side and a B-side. Most people believe that  musicians put the best tracks on the A-side of the album, but is that true? We play the A-side over and over until we tire of it, and at some point, we flip the vinyl over to see if there is anything worth listening to on the B-side. Lo and behold, we find gems on the B-side that are waiting to be heard and appreciated, and we get hooked on the B-side. Perhaps our belief system is wrong. Maybe musicians put the mainstream songs on the A-side while putting the really good material, the songs that showcase the musician’s true talent, on the B-side.


Many of us live our lives, both personally and professionally, on the A-side. We prefer the A-side because it is comfortable, conservative, safe, habitual, expected, or easy. But what about the flip-side? Consider the possibilities if we are able to tap into the B-side that exists within each of us. Think about how you might approach your work or your life differently on the B-side?

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